News from the Archives (Issue 1: February 2017)

If you have been in the garden at Age Exchange you may well have noticed the small building marked ‘Archive’. You may have even wondered what was in it… Well, it actually houses an amazing collection, ranging from clothing, gramophones and photographs; to medical equipment, First World War memorabilia, Victoriana, and much more.

The Archive Project is an extension of the Inspired Caring Group for people living with dementia and their carers, which meets at the Age Exchange centre on Mondays. The Archive Team includes Liz, Colin, Jim and Steve, and more recently Gerry. Initially, there was only room for two people to work within the archive itself and we had to find additional space wherever we could, including the cafe.

We are always surprised at the range of personal items people have donated over the years. We have hundreds of photographs and many personal papers and letters. One item of particular interest is an Imperial Service Medal issued during the reign of George VI (1937 – 1952) whose image is found the obverse face. The inscription on the reverse reads ‘For Faithful Service’

From some internet research we have found out that the medal was established in 1902 by King Edward VII and is affiliated to the Imperial Service Order. It is awarded to civil servants on retirement in recognition of long service. The ribbon pattern is the same as the Imperial Service Order. It was last awarded in 2016.

We hope to bring you regular updates of the project including more items of interest. Feel free to get in touch in the Contact section.

-The Age Exchange Archive Team



A few of the Unknown… (Issue 2: May 2017)

Working in the Archive we regularly come across interesting and unusual items which have been kindly donated over the years. With some items we have an idea of what they are, how they were used and by whom, how old they are etc. But with others we’re not so sure about or don’t have a clue!

We thought it would be a good idea and a bit of fun to share some of these items now and again, and maybe someone can help us understand a bit more about these items:

Here’s some to get going with:

GLASS DOMES: We have a box of 12 glass domes which are around 40mm in diameter. Some are flattened on top whilst others have a small extrusion. There are no labels on the box to tell us what the glass domes are or who made them.

Do you know what these domes were used for and by whom? Perhaps you used them yourself. If so did you use them for work or leisure?

WOODEN TUBE: This curious wooden tube measures approximately 150 mm long and around 20 – 30 mm in diameter. We have no clue what it is and what it was used for. The smaller tube passing through the main tube doesn’t appear to move or rotate.

May - object 1

Any ideas what this item is and how old it may be?

CHICKEN SPECTACLES: Here’s something we found amusing. We didn’t know chickens wore spectacles?! Do you know what chicken spectacles are? Did you keep chickens?

May - object 8

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve any comments or info! Drop us a line below…

-The Archive Team